Hello my friend. My name is Rebekah (Bekah) and I’m glad you are here. While I’ve blogged for many years, I’ve decided to shake things up a bit. To step out of my comfort zones and put forth excellence in what I do. Any and all feedback is welcome.

I grew up here in Conway, AR. I’m a daughter, a sister, a friend, and an incredibly proud aunt. I long to share my story and hopefully be a part of yours in whatever way that looks. I’m awkward at times, sarcastic, and you’ll most likely sense my emotional side as you visit this page. But more than that, I hope you know and feel that you are loved and prayed over.

Here you’ll find topics that most shy away from. Be it mental illness, drug addicton, pan handling, social issues, etc. You’ll also get a taste of just day to day life. I will sign every post with “Already But Not Yet”. I did not coin this phrase, but it’s one that’s become precious to me. In Christ we already have the promise and hope of His salvation, but not yet have we seen its glory in it’s entirety. So what does that mean for us in between this world and the next? How can we be a part of His Kingdom while not living in it? That’s the focus. That’s the goal. That’s what I seek and what I hope to walk with you in. What is our place in social injustice? What is our purpose?

This is a safe place. When you read my words (that are not my own) I count it a privilege. I hope to create an atmosphere of vulnerability and inclusion. One that seeks truth in the mundane and the tragically beautiful. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and I am for you. Moreover, Christ is for you.

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